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How Do You Define Success?

At Sounding Line Consulting, we love working with small & medium businesses and non-profit organizations. especially those who want to change the world. We love the entrepreneurial spirit, but we also know that the biggest dreamers sometimes struggle when connecting the dots between PLANNING A SUCCESS STRATEGY and executing that strategy. That’s where we come in. Our business planning process starts with defining success looks and then we work with our clients to build actionable, tactical success plans that helps drive next-level growth.




We love helping solopreneurs, non-profits and business owners add a little sizzle to their business plans:




Our Business Success Plans go well beyond the basic business plan. We work with you to create an actionable tactical plan based on your goals.




Perfect for teams of five or more, or businesses in operation for at least one year, our Business Transformation Plans drive next-level growth.




Whether you need a donor outreach letter, an annual report, or a detailed RFP response, our award-winning writers can help your business sand out.

What’s Your Success Strategy?

Your big dreams deserve a solid strategic plan. Get started now with our 60-page, FREE Business Success Plan Workbook.


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Free Business Plan Workbook

Our FREE 50-page workbook can help you gain clarity and build a better business strategy.

Small Business Grants

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Our Business Plan Services

Need a business plan? Our comprehensive business plan services include strategy, storytelling, research and graphic design. How can we help you build your business strategy?

The five “W’s” are important, but never forget the three “H’s”-how long, how often, and how much.

– Monica Poling, Founder, Sounding Line Data