About Us

About Sounding Line Data & Consulting

At Sounding Line Data & Consulting, we love working with entrepreneurial organizations. We are dedicated to helping our clients meet their business goals and we provide them with business success planning services, executive storytelling, and market research.

Our Mission

To help entrepreneurial organizations build and grow successful businesses through creative, strategic planning and data-based metrics.

Our Process

Start with the five “W’s” but then ask the four “H’s”–how much, how often, how long and how come?

Develop your own compass, and trust it. Take risks, dare to fail, remember the first person through the wall always gets hurt.

Aaron Sorkin

Our Core Values


Your success in business relies upon energizing your audience with bigger, better or more unique solutions. How can we help you stand out?


Logic is the foundation of problem solving, goal setting, critical thinking, and even creativity. How can we build strategic pathways to success?


Notice what you notice and be true to what inspires you. How can we change the world together?

Trusted Navigator

Every successful road trip needs a driver and someone holding the map. How can we help you chart your course?

Always Be Learning

There is always so much more to learn. But let’s remember that we can also share our expertise with others. How can we learn by teaching?