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Sounding Line Data is a marketing and business planning company that specializes in research, analytics and data coaching.

Our Mission

To support data equality in business, especially for entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profit organizations.

Our Vision

A world where no entrepreneur or marketer ever again says the words, “I’m not a math person.”

Our Process

We start with the five “W’s” but then we dig deeper and ask the four “H’s”–how much, how often, how long and how come?

Core Values

Data Equality

No one should be denied access to data, especially not because of lack of budget or education, or due to self-perpetuating beliefs. How can we help you gather the data you need?


So many creative pursuits have their foundation in math, including music, art, cooking, astronomy, and navigation. How can we tap into our creativity today?


Order is not the enemy of creativity. Logic is the foundation for critical thinking, problem solving, goal setting and creativity. What strategic pathways can we build together?

Always Be Learning

There are always more things to .learn and multiple ways to learn them. How can we learn by teaching others?


Be true to what inspires you and notice what you notice. How can we change the world together?


Favorite Quote

“There are types of people in this world: 1.) Those who can extrapolate from incomplete data.”

Monica Poling

Founder & Chief Data Coach

Monica Poling has a lengthy track record in marketing and strategic business planning especially in the tourism, hospitality, retail and non-profit sectors.

Prior to founding Sounding Line Data, Monica coordinated the research, marketing and public relations efforts for the American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association (AIANTA).

She has also served as a contributing editor at TravelPulse.com and TravelAgeWest.com, two of the nation’s leading travel industry B2B websites..

Personal Stats

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Birthplace: Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

16 Personalities (Myers-Briggs) Type: Campaigner (ENFP-A)

  • Role: Diplomat
  • Strategy: People Mastery
  • Extraverted (57%)
  • Intuitive (70%),
  • Feeling (56%)
  • Prospecting (65%)
  • Assertive (56%)
Speaking Engagements
  • American Indian Tourism Conference
  • Native American Tourism of Wisconsin Annual Conference
  • Tahiti Tourisme Business Forum
  • Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show
  • Travel & Tourism Marketing Association (TTMA),
  • Home Based Travel Agent Forum
  • Luxury Travel Expo
  • Outside Sales Support Network (OSSN)
  • TravelAge West symposium, ExecConnect
  • Maggie Award for “Best Travel Trade Website” // Western Publishing Association

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