About Sounding Line

About Sounding Line Consulting

Identify, reach, engage and wow your audience.

At Sounding Line Consulting, we help clients grow revenue and market presence through innovative strategic planning, marketing, branding and audience development strategies.  

We especially enjoy working with creative innovators, non-profit organizations, and skilled technical professionals. We are also passionate about helping entrepreneurs who are facing the burning question, “What’s next?” as they enter life’s third trimester.

Our Mission

To help entrepreneurial organizations build and grow successful businesses by delivering audience-focused products and services.

What is a Sounding Line?

Soundings measure the depth of water and the results are used to create maps of the ocean floor. Ancient navigators would use a marked, weighted rope–or sounding line–to calculate those depths.

For us, the term Sounding Line embraces three key pillars:

A Form of Measurement

It reminds us that some metric or unit of measurement is always necessary before we are able to calculate success.

Ancient Voyagers

It pays homage o the ancient voyagers who crossed vast oceans with little more than their own determination, the breath of the wind and flocks of wandering birds to guide their journeys.

A Sense of Community

The term symbolizes a community, a place where people can come together to share and evaluate their ideas and to celebrate their successes.

Our Services

Our services include:

Government Procurement

Stand out in the competitive world of government contracting.

Strategic Planning

We help you build and maintain your custom success plan with actionable tactics.

Executive Storytelling

Showcase your industry-leading solutions with custom content.

Our Core Values

Trusted Navigator

Every successful journey needs a captain and a someone planning the route. How can we help you chart your course?


Your success in business relies upon energizing your audience with bigger, better or more unique solutions. How can we help you stand out?


Logic is the foundation of problem solving, goal setting, critical thinking, and even creativity. How can we build strategic pathways to success?


Notice what you notice and be true to what inspires you. How can we change the world together?

Always Be Learning

There is always so much more to learn. But let’s remember that we can also share our expertise with others. How can we learn by teaching?

Be the Red Umbrella

Receive a weekly message with fresh tips on how to build a superstar business identity.

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Sounding Line Services

Brand Report Card

Brand Report Card: If your marketing efforts aren’t delivering their intended results, let us take a look. Our Brand Report Card evaluates your messaging and your overall brand strategy, and includes insights and actionable tactics.

Brand Narrative

Brand Narrative: Storytelling is the most important tool in your sales and marketing toolbox. Our Brand Narrative document helps you paint a consistent, vivid picture of success across all your marketing and social media channels.

Brand Narrative

Business Strategy Counseling: When your DIY efforts are no longer enough, our one-on-one business strategy consulting can help you clarify your vision, define your target audience, create your pricing models, and identify your Red Umbrella.