Audience Value Matrix

The Audience Value Matrix

Building Better Engagement

When it comes to building long-term engagement for your business or cultural institution, there is nothing quite so important as identifying your audience and defining their needs. At Sounding Line Consulting, we begin our marketing and strategic planning activities by creating Audience Value Matrix. 

By using this framework, we remind clients to keep their audience top of mind when building, defining and marketing their products and services.

The Audience Value Matrix: A Strategic Blueprint

In short, the Audience Value Matrix is a strategic blueprint designed to align your audience with your product development, but it is an adaptable tool that can also be used to to craft your marketing message and build your content plan.  

Although each business may utilize a slightly different version of this framework, our approach generally starts as follows:

  1. Define audience segments
  2. Identify pain points, needs and values.
  3. Establish key product features
  4. Develop a product message

Why is this important? 

Audience Value Matrix: A Real World Example

Businesses often rely on a one-size fits all approach to their content and marketing plans. Take for example a cultural center that showcases regional and multi-cultural art.

Short on time and human resources, the in-house marketer might rely on promotional language provided by the artist. The artist is not a marketer, however, so courtesy of an AI tool, the artist provides a promo piece that sounds something like this: 

“The artist delves into the liminal spaces of artistic expression, juxtaposing semiotic subversions with neo-expressionist tendencies.”


However, let’s see what happens if we start with an Audience Value Matrix

  1. Key Audience Segment: Families with small kids
  2. Pain Points, Needs and Values: Kids have a short attention span, they need to be kept engaged
  3. Product Features: Hands-on activities with artists.
  4. Key Product Message:

“Color with artist Bob Jones and see how shapes can be used to tell stories.”

You can see how the simplified message is much more approachable for children and their parents. It’s understandable and it meets their needs, including a hand-on activity.  

Building Long-Term, Sustainable Relationships

In an era of rapidly changing trends and shifting loyalties, building sustainable relationships can be difficult. But every good relationship starts with understanding.

By defining what motivates their audience, businesses can create relevant products and services and marketing narratives that resonate. 

Interested working with us to develop your custom Audience Development strategies? Contact Sounding Line now for a free consultation. 

“Sustaining an audience is hard. It demands a consistency of thought, of purpose, and of action over a long period of time.” 

Bruce Springsteen

Audience Value Matrix

Cultural Center

Audience Value Matrix
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