Bank-Ready Financial Statements

Bank-Ready Financial Statement

If budget forecasting has left you feeling confused and frustrated, we can help!

After years of working with small businesses to help them forecast their projected revenue and expenses, we’ve built a robust spreadsheet that allows you to preview your financial future based upon multiple revenue scenarios.

Bank-Ready Financial Statements

Can You Help Me Build a Profit & Loss Statement?

Value Building

Yes! Let’s see how your projected expenses stack up against your anticipated revenue.

We’ll hold a one-on-one meeting to walk you through your products and services, your anticipated revenue based on various future scenarios, and all the common expenses you may encounter.  

We’ll then deliver custom profit and loss statements and cash flow projections that are ready to take to your bank.

These forecasts are delivered in a spread sheet (Google Sheets) format so you can continue to update your forecasts as needed


“I am incredibly grateful for the exceptional financial forecasting expertise provided by Monica and Sounding Line Consulting.

The detailed financial planning spreadsheet and our conversation on pricing models was especially helpful.

Thanks to Monica, I now have a flexible financial roadmap for my business, giving me the confidence to make informed decisions about marketing and other spending. I highly recommend Sounding Line Consulting to anyone needing a start up cash flow statement or budget forecast.

– Travis Walker,
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