Brand Report Card

Brand Report Card

Are your marketing efforts delivering the intended results? 

If not, our comprehensive Brand Report Card can help you identify where you need to refine your efforts.

As an organization grows, it can be a challenge to maintain a cohesive, consistent brand across all business channels. As new elements get introduced, your marketing stops resembling a plan and starts to feel more like a jumble of individual elements. 

Before we start building your Brand Report Card, we start by clarifying your overall brand position. (If you haven’t already taken this step, we can work with you to define your brand pillars and narrative.) We do a deep dive into what your current market position looks like and how you define success, so you can build a plan to get from here to there. We also ensure your entire team is aligned to your brand strategy.

Once your team has a unified definition of success, we audit your marketing materials, channels and efforts. Our final Brand Report Card, includes insights and actionable tactics on how to update and align your marketing efforts for maximum impact. 

Our Brand Report Card process includes:

Brand Positioning

What is My Brand Position?

How does your team and your target audience perceive your brand?

This important step in your strategic planning ensures everyone on your vision-building team is working from the same roadmap, and that everyone understands and agrees upon your business objectives, the value of your products and services, and how your audience does and should perceive your brand.

We dive into your target audience perceptions by reviewing surveys or feedback you may have already received. We then provide strategic suggestions on how your brand can better resonate and stand out with your target audience.

Dashboard, Metrics & KPIs

How Do I Measure Success?

Brand GPS

Next, we evaluate how you measure success, from your financial goals to your KPIs and measurement reports and dashboards.

We also work with you to define what measurable success looks like in three months, six months, and one year. We then help you refine your measurement approach, ensuring you focus on objectives AND metrics that drive and demonstrate success.

Brand Identity

What Does My Brand Identity Say About My Business?

We also review what your logo, your brand colors and your brand fonts say about your business, and we provide suggestions on ways to improve your visual impact.

Website Performance

Does My Website Help Attract Customers?

Our evaluation continues with a summary of your website performance, including narrative, structure, speed, and SEO. Essentially, we ask if your website is doing all it can to reflect the true essence of your brand.

We then provide recommendations on how to align your brand position with your your web content and structure. We also provide tips on how to improve user experience and boost search engine rankings.

Content & Narrative

Is My Content Telling the Right Story?

Brand Narrative

Finally, we review your library of marketing materials, from newsletter and brochures to proposals and playbooks, and offer recommendations on how to keep your content consistent and aligned with your brand position.

Optimize Your Marketing Strategy

Brand Report Card

At the conclusion of our Brand Report Card process, you will receive a comprehensive strategic plan with actionable insights on how to align your brand position with your marketing messaging. Your Brand Report Card will help you consider how to refine your approach so your marketing efforts align with and augment your business goals.


  • $6,000 (Report Only)
  • $7,500 (Report With Brand Positioning)

Authority Branding Experts

Authority Branding

Authority Branding

We can help you build a cohesive, consistent brand strategy that showcases your expertise, positions you above the competition, and creates a deeper connection with your target audience. Learn more here.

“Monica, I can’t thank you enough for your support and guidance. As someone who was initially worried I might be too mature to enter the world of entrepreneurship, I can’t believe how you boosted my confidence and helped me create a plan designed specifically for my career goals. Working with you and Sounding Line Consulting was a game-changer.

– Sue Berrie,
BLU IV Wellness

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Authority Branding

Authority Branding: Build a cohesive, consistent brand strategy that showcases your expertise, positions you above the competition, and creates a deeper connection with your target audience..

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Business Plans: Your one-of-a-kind business plan will reflect your business personality and goals, and is ready to share with friends, clients and potential investors.

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Brand Report Card: If your marketing isn’t delivering the intended results, let us review your branding and marketing strategy and provide a detailed performance improvement plan.

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