Business Plans

At Sounding Line Data, we specialize in unboring business plans. Work with us and we’ll take your business plan from blah to brilliant in no time.

Each of our plans are custom built to showcase your unique story. Each plan includes:

  • Compelling narrative: You tell us your story, we’ll write your plan in your words only better.
  • Business strategy: Our timeline and milestones section demonstrates that you’ve spent time considering how you will strategically operate your business for success.
  • Industry data & statistics: We’ll help you sleuth out the relevant metrics that showcase why your industry–and your business–is worth noticing.
  • Financial forecasting: If you don’t already have a financial forecast in place, we can help you create a startup schedule of projected fees and revenue. Then we’ll take your numbers and convert them into a visual story, using charts that demonstrate your path to success.
  • A visual narrative: Although old-school business plans often don’t value visuals, we think using courier type and heavy text doesn’t showcase the ingenuity you bring to your business. We carefully place graphic and visual elements to help bring your story to life.

Do You Need Funding?

Of the new businesses formed last year, nearly half said they planned to seek funding from a bank or financial institution. 

On the other hand, according to a 2015 Wells Fargo survey, only a third of businesses polled said they’d created a business plan.

“Nearly nine in ten (86.3%) of small business owners earn a yearly salary of less than $100,000. Nearly than one in three (30.07%) don’t even take a salary.”


Don’t Be a Zero-Salary Business Owner

Never written or even considered writing a business plan? No problem. We are a judgement-free group of professionals led by CEO Monica Poling, who are dedicated to helping you chart a course to successfully bring your vision to life.

We will work with you build a strategic business plan with time-specific goals and tactics.

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“Entrepreneurs who write formal plans are 16% more likely to achieve viability than the otherwise identical nonplanning entrepreneurs.

Harvard Business Review

Business Plan Process

Step One: Entrepreneur, Non-Profit and Small Business Compass

First we send you Sounding Line’s proprietary Entrepreneur, Non-Profit and Small Business Compass, to help us define your success metrics.

We start with the end in mind, first defining your financial goals, and then charting a path to get you there

Step Two: Planning Meeting

Next we conduct a one-hour get-acquainted meeting to confirm the goals for your business and to determine the scope of work for your business plan. 

Step Three: Project Timeline

We then build and deliver a project timeline that identifies and assigns all project tasks and deadlines for each team member. 

Step Four: Writing & Editing

We’ craft all narrative in Google Docs or Canva, or MS Word if that’s your preference, so we can easily track your edits.. 

Step Five: Data Integration

Send us your data and we’ll create charts that match your company branding. 

Step Six: Delivery

Once you receive the final business plan, you’ll have a final round of edits to get everything just the way you want it. 

But you can continue to make your own edits–as many as you like–after delivery.

What’s Included in My Business Plan?

Our business plans are custom-built, so each has a slightly different format depending on your needs. Generally our business plan packages include the following elements.

Starter Business Plan

  • Executive Summary
  • Market Opportunity
  • Company Overview
  • Milestones & Timeline
  • Products & Services
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Startup Budget

Standard Business Plan

  • Everything in the Starter Business Plan plus
  • Advanced Industry Research
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Three-Year Profit & Loss Statement

Advanced Business Plan

  • Everything in the Standard Business Plan plus
  • Advanced Competitor Analysis
  • Buyer Personas
  • Marketing Initiatives & Tactics
  • Three-Year Cash Flow Statement
  • Five-Year Profit & Loss Statement