Transformation Planning

Business Transformation Planning

Your success so far have been remarkable, but your organization is ready for next-level growth.

Designed to engage the entire team in organizational growth, our Business Transformation Planning process is perfect for teams of five or more, or businesses that have been in operation for at least three years.

Through this process, we develop a future-forward roadmap that pinpoints your team mission and vision and your highlights your successes to date. We then map out your future landmarks and create a teamwide plan that aligns your internal processes and sets you on a course for success.

“If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities.

– Maya Angelou

The Eight Ps of Transformation Planning.


What drives your organization? What is your mission? What are your core values?


What are your business priorities? What changes need to be incorporated into your long-term plan?


What are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats? How do you define and measure efficiency?


What does the world need? How are those needs changing? 


What problem-solving products and services does your organization offer?


Define who needs and wants your products. What else matters to them? How can you reach them?


How do your products and services energize your audience? 

Passage Plan

Let’s build a step-by-step, port-by-port passage plan that delivers you safely and successfully to your intended destination.    

What’s Included in My Business Transformation Plan?

Starting with the end in mind, we work collectively with your leadership and your designated team members to identify your organization’s current position, including their perception of success and how far they believe they are from the goal posts.

Then we work closely with your leadership team to define true goal posts and build an organization-wide method of communicating those goal posts and measuring and celebrating success.

Business Transformation Planning: Set-A-Course Plan

5 Discovery Sessions, plus
Monthly Evaluate & Monitor Sessions

Our Set-a-Course Plan includes 5 intensive one-on-one Discovery Sessions, monthly Evaluate and Monitor Sessions, and delivery of a complete Strategic Business Transformation Plan with actionable goals, objectives and tactics. Our transformation process includes:

  • Get acquainted session
  • Leadership priorities review
  • Team perception review
  • Multi-view performance scorecard
  • Idea-mapping
  • Mission Statement, Executive Summary, Core Values review
  • Products & Services review
  • Industry competitor review and analysis
  • SWOT Analysis review
  • Audience/buyer persona review
  • Marketing channels analysis
  • Goal setting and success metrics
  • Success-tracking dashboard
  • Monthly (two per month) Monitor & Evaluate Sessions for 12 months
  • Custom graphic design

Call for Pricing

Includes delivery of a complete strategic plan with custom graphic design, and actionable goals and tactics; also includes 5 team Discovery Sessions and bi-monthly Evaluate and Monitor Sessions. Payment plans are available.

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