Capability Statement

The Capability Statement: A Required Tool for Government Contractors

In the ultra-competitive world of government contracting, first impressions matter. Millions of contractors apply every year for nearly $700 billion in government contracts and those numbers are growing.

“When properly written, a Capability Statement is the tool that sets your company head and shoulders above your competition.”

Your Capability Statement serves as your company’s calling card, conveying not only your qualifications but also your commitment to excellence.

Capability Statement: Two Pages or Less

In two pages or less, your Capability Statement must demonstrate your:

  • Expertise and differentiators
  • Ability to understand and comply with the needs of government and other agency partners
  • Professionalism

First Impressions Matter

Imagine being invited to attend a second-round interview during the RFP process. How exciting! Would you lower your chances of success by showing up in ripped jeans or a ketchup-stained T-shirt? You would not. Because appearances matter. 

It is no longer good enough to submit a statement of facts that looks something like this. With the preponderance of easy-to-use tools such as Canva and ChatGPT, even the smallest agencies are now able to craft a professional, polished Capability Statement.

Whether you’re bidding on government contracts, expanding your client base, or highlighting your services to the media, a well-crafted capability statement must blend award-winning narrative in a visually pleasing package. 

Work with Sounding Line

When you work with Sounding Line Consulting, we’ll build a Capability Statement that

  • Demonstrates Your Expertise: We’ll highlight your unique strengths and key differentiators and position your organization as the leader in your field.
  • Builds Trust: We’ll list your certifications, awards, and testimonials to ensure your clients understand why you are an industry leader.
  • Speaks to Your Audience: We’ll work with you to understand your audience profile so we can customize your message and speak directly to the needs of your clients AND their constituents. 
  • Is Professionally Designed: We have a series of pre-built templates in Google Docs, Google Slides and Canva, that we can customize to incorporate your brand fonts, colors, logo and tagline. Or, we can bring in one of our award-winning graphic design partners to create a Capability Document that has a wholly unique, visually stunning appeal. 

Invest in the Success of Your Business

At Sounding Line Consulting, we’re proud of our reputation as a trusted navigator. We will work with you every step of the way to create a compelling document that will help you stand out in an increasingly crowded field. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Need an RFP or Proposal?

We do that as well. In fact, proposal writing is how Sounding Line Consulting, got its start. Check our our proposal writing services now.

“In 2022, the federal government obligated nearly $700 billion in government contracts with nearly 25 percent of those dollars directed towards small businesses.

Capability Statement Samples

MYC Environmental & Construction, LLC

MYC Capability Statement

Founded in 2007, MYC Environmental & Construction, LLC specializes in residential and commercial remodels, general building construction and electrical work.

View MYC Capability Statement

Security Assurance Management (SAM) Inc.

SAM, Inc. has been providing security services to public, private, commercial, residential and government facilities for more than 30 years.

View Sam, Inc. Capability Statement

Capability Statement Process

Step One: Planning Meeting

Capability Statement Step One: Discovery Meeting

We want to hear all about your successes. We’ll start with a get-acquainted meeting where you can share your recent accomplishments, your key audience targets, and your overall business goals.

Step Two: Writing & Editing

Next we’ll dive right into building a compelling narrative that positions you and your organization as an industry leader.

Step Three: Graphic Design

Capability Statement Graphic Design

We start with a get-acquainted meeting to learn about the goals for your business, your key audience, and your business accomplishments.

Step Four: Delivery

Capability Statement Delivery

Once you receive your final Capability Statement, you will have one more round of edits to get everything just the way you want it.

But our “editable” format means you can continue to make your own updates–as many as you like, as often as you like–even years after delivery.