Strategic Compass

Strategic Compass: Business Success Plan Workbook

Whether you’ve been in business for a while or are just getting started, building a strategic business plan will increase your chances of success.

This FREE 50-page workbook was compiled to help entrepreneurs and small business owners gain clarity in building their business.

Companies that are poorly aligned with strategy report weaker financial results than their peers.

The Strategic Compass: Business Plan Workbook will take you through all the steps you’ll need to compete to build a comprehensive business plan. At the end, you’ll not only have all the information you need to create your own business plan, but you’ll also have set goals and metrics you’ll need to meet to run a successful business.

Chapter One: Dream Big
You’ll start by defining your hopes and dreams for this business. Do your plans for your business fit into your larger life plans? Let’s find out.

Chapter Two: About Your Business
What does your business do? What problems does it solve? Does it offer products or services? What does it do better than any other business?

Chapter Three: The Industry
Now you’ll investigate the industry behind your business. How much is it worth? Who are your competitors? Why does the industry need your business?

Chapter Four: Marketing Plan
To run a successful business you need a full plate of current and potential clients. Who are your ideal clients and how do you plan to reach them?

Chapter Five: Strategic Plan
Combine everything you learned in Chapters Two, Three and Four to build a strategic plan for success.

Chapter Six: Financials
How much money do you expect to make? How much will it cost to operate this business? Will your business turn a profit, or will it lose money?

Approximately 70% of businesses that survive for 5 years follow a strategic business plan.

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