Executive Storytelling

Executive Storytelling

Your story is uniquely yours.

But not all stories drive the same results. Your content should never rely on a one-size fits all solution. Instead, it should address the specific needs of each audience type you are trying to reach.

Our award-winning storytellers have decades of experience writing audience-targeted executive content. Our content is written with one purpose: to drive action.

Proposal Writing


Proposals & RFPs

At Sounding Line Data, we excel in proposal writing, strategy and execution. We have helped our clients secure millions of dollars in government and partnership contracts.



Annual Reports

Your annual report is a powerful tool that shares the stories of the people served by your organization. These same stories help motivate your supporters..



People do business with people they like and trust. Help your clients get to know you by fine tuning and polishing your executive bios and other about us content.

White Papers &

Case Studies

Showcase your products and services through long-form documents, case studies or white papers that showcase your unique and groundbreaking solutions.

Research &

Data Writing

We love diving into data, analytics, research and market trends, and we can help you create a compelling story around the results of your custom studies.

Travel &


Travel & Hospitality

Our roots and our first love are the hospitality industry. We have extensive experience writing consumer and B2B hospitality and travel industry content .

A treat to work with Monica and would absolutely do so again. We needed a high quality piece of content, quickly, and without a lot of guidance. She was able to deliver just that!”

– Mark Shesser, Founder

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Brand Report Card

Brand Report Card: If your marketing efforts aren’t delivering their intended results, let us take a look. Our Brand Report Card evaluates your messaging and your overall brand strategy, and includes insights and actionable tactics.

Brand Narrative

Brand Narrative: Storytelling is the most important tool in your sales and marketing toolbox. Our Brand Narrative document helps you paint a consistent, vivid picture of success across all your marketing and social media channels.

Brand Narrative

Business Strategy Counseling: When your DIY efforts are no longer enough, our one-on-one business strategy consulting can help you clarify your vision, define your target audience, create your pricing models, and identify your Red Umbrella.

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