Executive Storytelling

Executive Storytelling

Your story is uniquely yours. But not all stories drive the same results. Your content should never rely on a one-size fits all solution. Instead, it should pivot, addressing the specific needs for each audience type you are trying to reach.

Our award-winning storytellers have decades of experience writing audience-targeted executive content. Our content is written with one purpose: to drive understanding and action.

Audience Types


How do your products and services fulfill the needs and desires of direct buyers? What value do you provide?


How do your products and services help other businesses watch their bottom line?


How can you effectively fulfill government contracts? Why is your experience the right fit?


Is your business a thought leader? How can you drive economic development and/or policy changes?


Donors want their money to go to a good cause. How will you let them know their donations will have an impact?


How will a strategic collaboration with your organization drive awareness for your partners?


Are you a trend setter? Do you have breaking news? How will your story drive news or blog readership?

Board & Staff

Have you built trust with your internal team? How will you ensure they understand and communicate your value?

Executive Storytelling

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

–Benjamin Franklin

Our Writing Services

RFPs & Proposal Responses

At Sounding Line Data, we excel in proposal writing, strategy and execution. We have helped our clients secure millions of dollars in government and partnership contracts.

RFPs & Proposals

White Papers, Case Studies, Guide Books & Magazines

Showcase your products and services through long-form documents that detail your specialized solutions.

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Annual Reports & Impact Statements

Your annual report is a powerful tool that shares the stories of the people served by your organization. These same stories help motivate your supporters.

Annual Report Services



People do business with people they like and trust. Help your clients get to know you by fine tuning and polishing your executive bios and other about us content.

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