Annual Reports

Before you realize it, another year has passed and it’s already time to start planning your next annual report. For busy non-profit professionals, this feels like just one more burden on your already busy schedule. Do people really read these annual reports anyway? 

In fact, they do. 

A recent survey backs that up.

A whopping 89% of people surveyed said that annual reports are a “very important” or “somewhat important” factor in deciding whether or not an organization deserves support.

In an era when consumers are facing declining trust in all institutions, including non-profit organizations, you need every edge you can get. 

When done right, your annual report is a powerful tool–one that shares the stories of the people served by your organization. These same stories help motivate your supporters. 

Your annual report invites people to join your organization on its journey. 

Isn’t it time to give your annual report the attention it deserves? At Sounding Line Data, we excel in annual report planning, execution and design. 

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“Make sure your annual report builds an emotional connection with your audience.

– Monica Poling

Sounding Line Data

Annual Report Process

  • Introductory Meeting: We start with a one-hour brainstorming meeting to determine the general scope of work for the project, including goals, content flow and timeline. 
  • Project Timeline: Next we’ll build a master project timeline assigning tasks and deadlines to all team members involved in the project. 
  • Editing: You send us the information you want included in the report and we’ll copy edit that content into a cohesive voice.
    • We can also conduct interviews, gather information and write the report from scratch 
  • Data Integration: Send us your data and we’ll turn it into a chart that matches the report’s visual narrative. 
  • Graphic Design: After the content has been approved, our graphic designer will build the content into a beautiful design that matches your branding and voice.
    • We recommend you provide us with images that match your narrative, but we can also source and use stock images.
  • Final Edits: Once you’ve received the designed report, you’ll have up to two rounds of edits to get everything just the way you want it. 
  • Delivery: We’ll deliver the final report in a PDF file, and we’ll also send you all production files. 
  • Printing: We can work with you to get your report printed to your specifications and budget.
    • If you’d like to arrange your own printing, we work closely with and highly recommend Aztec Printing Solutions in Tempe Arizona.