Confidential Information Memos

Confidential Information Memos

Demonstrate Your Business Success

At Sounding Line Data, we love nothing more than helping businesses showcase their value.

If you’re looking to sell or merge your business, we can help you create a document that definitively highlights your assets. We start our process by defining your sales and marketing successes. Then we add a little strategy, a little market research, a little graphic design, and a whole lot of award-winning storytelling.

You’ll receive a custom confidential information memo that reflects your unique business personality and successes.

Your Confidential Information Memo

Beyond the Numbers

Your business strategy so much greater than a simple spreadsheet. Shouldn’t your sales narrative be more as well?

We dive into the essence of your business strategy, the “aha” moments that drive innovation and success. We help you identify and define those moments that will make investors, stakeholders, and customers sit up and take notice.

Your narrative will highlight your wow moments and transform your CIM from a series of data points into a story of vision and success.

We not only communicate the what and how of your strategy but also the why. Why, especially, is this a business opportunity that potential business partners can use to grow their own business strategy.

From $1,500

Brand Report Card

if you’re looking to build a stronger business presence before you sell your business, check out our Brand Report Card Services.

We’ll help you fine tune your brand positioning and then we’ll analyze your marketing efforts and how effective it is at demonstrating the value you provide customers. We’ll then provide you with a comprehensive, actionable strategic plan on steps to take to upgrade your marketing identity before you sell your business.

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Are You on Upwork?

Check out Monica Poling’s top-rated Upwork profile here.

Monica has a curious, detailed mind that was perfect for this project, which can be quite difficult to source talent for. She went above and beyond what we asked, rethought many different angles of the project, and worked very well with our brokerage team around the clock.

CIM Client (NDA)

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The Sounding Line

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Sounding Line Services

Authority Branding

Authority Branding: Build a cohesive, consistent brand strategy that showcases your expertise, positions you above the competition, and creates a deeper connection with your target audience..

Business Plans

Business Plans: Your one-of-a-kind business plan will reflect your business personality and goals, and is ready to share with friends, clients and potential investors.

Small Business Strategic Plan

Strategic Business Planning: Clarify your vision, your target audience, your pricing models, and your success strategy with our one-on-one strategic planning modules.

Brand Report Card: If your marketing isn’t delivering the intended results, let us review your branding and marketing strategy and provide a detailed performance improvement plan.

Confidential Information Memo Components

Our CIMs generally include the following components.

  • Business Opportunity Overview
  • Executive Summary and Company Bio
  • Professional and Team Bios
  • Products & Services Overview
  • Customer Overview & Addressable Market
  • Sales & Marketing Overview
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Market Trends
  • Financial Highlights
  • Growth Opportunities

All CIMs are custom-built to best showcase our clients growth and successes. Samples are available upon request.

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