Great to Meet You

Hello SCORE Mentors!

Thank you for attending my recent presentation. The services SCORE has provided are invaluable and I can’t thank you enough for your time, support and guidance. I’d like to especially thank the SCORE Albuquerque chapter and my mentor, Eddy Mindlin.

If you are a SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives) mentee or potential mentee, please learn more about the many FREE services the SCORE (National) organization offers or find your local SCORE chapter here.

Presentation Recap

Below are links to some of the key topics I discussed during my presentation. Please feel free bookmark this page and/or share this page link with any mentees or fellow mentors who might be interested in my services.

If you have any questions or would like a downloadable copy of my presentation, please visit my contact page to set up an appointment or to send me a message.

About Sounding Line

I created Sounding Line Consulting to help clients grow revenue and market presence through innovative strategic planning, marketing, branding and audience development strategies.

In general, Sounding Line provides three main service categories: government procurement, strategic planning and executive storytelling. My most commonly-requested services are:

My key differentiators are:

Key Links

Here are some other key links you might find useful.

Thanks again for your time!

About Me

I’m Monica Poling, the founder of Sounding Line Consulting, and I have been helping businesses define and showcase their wow for more than 20 years, both as a marketer and a former journalist.

I’m also an experienced speaker and have been featured at the American Indian Tourism Conference, the Luxury Travel Expo, and the Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show.

Some of my favorite speaking topics include “Developing Your Wow,” “How to Create a Visual Business Plan,” and “Build Engagement with an Audience Development Plan.”

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The Sounding Line

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Sounding Line Services

Authority Branding

Authority Branding: Build a cohesive, consistent brand strategy that showcases your expertise, positions you above the competition, and creates a deeper connection with your target audience..

Business Plans

Business Plans: Your one-of-a-kind business plan will reflect your business personality and goals, and is ready to share with friends, clients and potential investors.

Small Business Strategic Plan

Strategic Business Planning: Clarify your vision, your target audience, your pricing models, and your success strategy with our one-on-one strategic planning modules.

Brand Report Card: If your marketing isn’t delivering the intended results, let us review your branding and marketing strategy and provide a detailed performance improvement plan.