Proposals & RFPs

Why do so many business professionals have such a hard time writing glowing narrative about their services?  

Instead of fully showcasing their spectacular wins, people write lukewarm proposal copy and hope their attached visuals will do the selling.

Generic narrative is just one mistake people make when submitting their business proposals.

Others? Not fully proofreading the proposal for typos and grammatical mistakes, copying and pasting text from previous RFPs, too much jargon, and critically, using “me” or “we” too often in the proposal. 

These small mistakes can be costly, which is why it’s critical to hire a seasoned professional who is dedicated to seeing your proposal through, from start to finish. 

If you’re too busy to give your proposals the full attention they deserve, we can help. At Sounding Line Data, we excel in proposal writing, strategy and execution. 

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“Don’t lose valuable business to simple proofreading mistakes.

– Monica Poling

Sounding Line Data

Proposal-Writing Process

  • RFP Read-Through: We start the RFP process with a comprehensive read-through of all proposal documents and attachments and we highlight any areas that might require special attention.
  • Previous Proposal Review: Next we’ll review your previously submitted proposals to get an understanding of what materials and content we’ll need to complete your current proposal. .
  • Introductory Meeting: If requested, we’ll organize a brainstorming meeting and invite all relevant stakeholders, as we plan a general scope of work for your proposal. We can meet with you as often as you require during the proposal process. 
  • Project Timeline: Next we’ll create a master project timeline and task list, which includes content needs and deadlines for everyone involved in the project. 
  • Writing/Editing: We’ll collect and write all the information requested in the RFP and give it a careful copyedit to form into a cohesive “voice.” If required, we can also do additional research, conduct interviews and write content from scratch. 
  • Data Integration: If the proposal calls for data and charts, we can do that! Send us your data and we’ll build it into a chart that answers the requirements of the RFP. 
  • Final Proofread: Once the report is complete, we give it a final “clean” readthrough, watching for common mistakes (like typos in headers and footers) and final scan through Grammarly.
  • Report Compilation: Throughout the process, we generally work in Google Docs (we can also work in the MIcrosoft platform if you prefer but we prefer Google Docs for collaborative work). Along the way, we incorporate carefully thought-out headlines, graphics, images, pull quotes and other visual elements. Once the report is complete and approved, you will be able to download it into a PDF or any other format preferred by the receiving agency.