Thank You SCORE Attendees

Hello SCORE Attendees!

Thank you for attending my recent Ask the Expert: Business Basics presentation. i have been a SCORE mentee for more than a year, and the services SCORE has provided me have been invaluable. Especially since these services are all FREE!

I hope you will also consider working the SCORE Albuquerque chapter.

If you aren’t local to Albuquerque, you can still request a mentor from our chapter OR you can visit the SCORE (National) page or find your local SCORE chapter here. Please note that any requests for a SCORE mentor must go through SCORE. I can’t help you fulfill those requests.

Presentation Recap

Here are some of the key SCORE links and resources I mentioned in my presentation:

Please feel free bookmark this page and/or share this page link with any friends or colleagues who might be interested in starting or growing their business.

About Me

I created Sounding Line Consulting to help clients build strong, memorable business identities.

You can learn a little more about why this is important by reading my LinkedIn article: What is Branding: Why Your Business Needs a Strong Identity.

Key Links

Here are some other key links you might find useful.

Thanks again for your time!

About Me

Hi there! I’m Monica Poling, the founder and chief identity advisor at Sounding Line Consulting, where I help businesses and nonprofits excel at the art of being memorable.

Throughout my own career, I’ve carried many identities. I’ve been a journalist, a marketer, a non-profit professional, and an avid, unapologetic data nerd.

I’m also an avid storyteller. I love finding the “aha” moment of any story, whether its a market trend report or a conversation with a local business owner. I also love helping others clarify and communicate their own value—the unique wow factor that compels people to work with them—and helping them build strategies on getting the word out.

I’m an experienced speaker and have spoken at the American Indian Tourism Conference, the Luxury Travel Expo, and the Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show.

Some of my favorite speaking topics include “Developing Your Wow,” “How to Create a Visual Business Plan,” and “Build Engagement with an Audience Development Plan.”

Learn More About Me Here

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