Success Planning

What's Your Success Strategy?

Your big dreams deserve a solid strategic plan. Get started now with our 60-page, FREE Business Success Plan Workbook.


Business Success Planning

Bring your best ideas and get ready to build a future that’s the perfect fit for you. Our Business Success Planning is no cookie-cutter process where you learn to copy someone else’s magic formula for success.

Instead, we’ll identify your future goals and then we’ll build a plan on how to energize your audience with your products and services.

Six Ps of Success Planning.


What drives you? What value do you offer? How much is your time worth?


What does the marketplace need? 


What problem-solving products and services do you offer?


Define the people who need your products? 


How do your products and services energize your audience? 


What steps will you take to build audience awareness and loyalty?  

Business Success Planning

“The measure of achievement is not winning awards. It’s doing something that you appreciate, something you believe is worthwhile.

– Chef Julia Child

What’s Included in My Business Success Plan?

Your success is reliant upon your definition of success and the products and services you offer, which means our business plans are custom-built to suit your specific needs. Generally speaking, however, our business success plan packages include the following elements.

Business Success Plan: Starter

The Starter Plan includes more than six hours of focused one-on-one time plus delivery of a complete strategic success plan with actionable goals, objectives and tactics.

  • Introductory, get-acquainted session (30 minutes)
  • Two-way performance scorecard (30 minutes, plus homework)
  • Idea-mapping session (60 minutes, plus homework)
  • Mission Statement, Executive Summary, Core Values review (30 minutes)
  • Products & Services review (30 minutes, plus homework)
  • Competitor analysis review (30 minutes, plus homework)
  • SWOT Analysis review (30 minutes, plus homework)
  • Audience/Buyer Persona review (30 minutes, plus homework)
  • Marketing channels review (30 minutes, plus homework)
  • Goal setting and success tactics (60 minutes, plus homework)
  • Set up/review success-tracking dashboard (30 minutes)
  • We use Notion and Todoist for our success tracking but we can work with most preferred platforms, even Google Docs. Platform build-outs are not included in this service but are available for an additional fee.
  • Delivery of final Business Success Plan

Business Success Plan: Balanced

The Balanced Plan includes more than ten hours of focused one-on-one time, including two future goal-setting check-in sessions. Delivery of the complete strategic success plan includes actionable goals, objectives and tactics, as well as future financial forecasting from an area accountant.

  • The Standard Plan, plus
  • Comprehensive budget planning and balance sheet (2 hours, plus homework)
  • An area accountant will review your financials and will join one session for a 60-minute Q&A.
  • Plan delivery and one-hour Ask Me Anything (AMA) session for goal setting and plan implementation.
  • Two future, one-hour goal tracking and check-in sessions.

Business Success Plan: Mentor

The Mentor Plan includes more than 15 hours of focused one-on-one time, as well as future monthly goal-setting check-in sessions. Delivery of the complete strategic success plan includes actionable goals, objectives and tactics, as well as a marketing plan review from an area accountant.

  • The Balanced Plan, plus
  • In-depth marketing tactics planning (2 hours, plus homework)
  • An area marketing agency will review your marketing plan and will join one session for a 60-minute Q&A.
  • Monthly (two per month) goal tracking and check-in sessions for up to 12 months.

Basic Business Plan

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